Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Winner, winner!

Somehow, this seems posed to me.

For me, the contest was a lot of  fun. I enjoyed all your comments and it was great to see so much enthusiasm about hockey and hockey romances! So many different teams and players were mentioned, obviously hockey fandom is everywhere. And for the two ladies who don’t yet have a favourite player, I came up with the idea for a Cosmo-type quiz on how to find a hockey team to cheer for. It’s taking a little research, but so far it's quite funny and I'll post it on the blog next week. 

Like any author, I write about the things I like, I write about hockey, romance – and cats. So, I decided to get one of my cats to help with the prize draw. Cats will not do anything unless there are treats involved, so I put everyone’s name on a piece of folded paper, put a treat inside the paper, and then put my tabby in the middle. Whichever names he chose first would be the three winners. You’d think this would work like a dream, but then you don’t know my cats. They’re not joining Cat Mensa anytime soon. He kept leaving the circle and coming over to get tummy rubs. Finally he smelled something, then was unable to find the treat in the folded paper. A draw that I thought would take two minutes, took 15 minutes!

But finally, here are the winners of copy of How The Cookie Crumbles:
-  Diane Subsits Lynch
 Jennifer Duffey

Congratulations! I will contact everyone to find out what format they would like their ebook in. 

Thanks for entering and enjoy the hockey season and your hockey reading!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Last Chance to Hop!

The Hockey Hotties Blog Hop is ending tomorrow, so be sure to check out all the hockey blogs and leave a comment for your chance to win different books and swag. Swag, love that word! On my blog, you can win an ebook copies of How The Cookie Crumbles. I will do a random draw for the three winners, aided by my cats, and post the winners on Wednesday. Check it out the Hop here.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

How The Cookie Crumbles is here!

Phew – after a nail-biting wait, the book is finally here! The countdown is down to zero and now you can get How the Cookie Crumbles right here.

What can I say? It took a year to write and even longer to edit, but finally it's available for your reading pleasure. The story of Frankie and Jake is long and winding, but also funny, exciting, and occasionally hot. Naturally, I think it's awesome, but you can judge for yourself. Did I mention that this book is long? So long, in fact, that the free sample is TEN chapters long! I downloaded it myself last night, and I figure that's enough book to let you judge if it's as awesome as I think.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What's a Blog Hop?

I have all kinds of news for you. As you may know already, I'm launching my new book, How The Cookie Crumbles, today!  You can find it here. As part of the book launch, I am taking part in this amazing Hockey Hotties Blog Hop! If you're like me a month ago, you may not even know what a blog hop is. So, I'll explain: it's a chance for readers to check out different blogs where the authors all write about hockey. So if you enjoy hockey fiction, check out all the links below, you can win prizes on each one. Can I enter too, or is that a conflict? Because I love reading hockey romances!

On this blog, I'm having both a giveaway and a special promotion, here are the deets:
To win a free ebook copy of my new book, just tell me your favourite NHL player in the comments below. I'll need some way to contact you, so leave your email in the comment, or if you're worried about privacy, just email me directly. I have no idea how many entries I'll get, but hopefully more than three, so I'll give away three free ebooks. Of course, if I only get three... well, you can do the math, everyone's a winner!

How The Cookie Crumbles is the story of Frankie Taylor, who flees across the country when her boyfriend dumps her. The small town she flees to is the summer home of a partying hockey player named Jake Cookson. And when they meet, well gosh – it's love at first sight. No, I lie. Actually when they meet, Frankie hardly notices him, and by the time she does... Jake's taking off to begin the hockey season. She's classy and cultured, and he's beer and burgers. Really, all they have in common is an enjoyment of good food. It's an up and down journey on the high calorie road to love.

Does that sound yummy to you? Yay, it's live now, so check it out! And be sure to visit the seven other hockey blogs. (Due to technical issues too complicated for me, the link boxes below all work, but ignore the sign-up part.) The blog hop runs until October 8th, and I'll pick a winner that day. Be sure to enter all the contests. Hop to it!