Sunday, July 20, 2014

Only One Sleep Left!

Whew, Hockey Is My Boyfriend, Part One will launch tomorrow. And just in time, since I have completely run out of questions to ask myself. So this is the last Q & A session. This is the last time I will ever interview myself—much to the relief of everyone, including me.

Q: When can I buy this book?
A: Well, I have uploaded it and Amazon says it will be available in 12 hours, which would be midnight tonight. So exactly on July 21st, which is the birthday of our heroine, Kelly Tanaka! Of course, the Zon is little unpredictable, so it could be live right now, or not until tomorrow morning. I will post the link when it's live.

Q: Who will like (y)our new book?
A: People who like to read about hockey and/or relationships, but like a dash of realism. Also any of my friends and family who want to remain so.

Q: How will you be celebrating the publication of your third book?
A: To celebrate I am going to be eating cake and possibly drinking something with fruit and tequila. Maybe I’ll replay a hockey game to get into the spirit. I can choose between the Olympics and a whole DVD of World Junior Hockey Championships I got on sale. Then, I’ll start editing Hockey Is My Boyfriend, Part Two.

Q: Any last words, Mel?
A: Buy the book! You’ll enjoy it and you’ll be keeping me in cake.


  1. Congrats, Mel!

    What a great read. I may have forgotten a lot from IOSWHP - which is entirely possible - but I really felt that there was a lot more character development in HIMB. I felt that I got to know the supporting cast much better and gave me a clearer understanding of what exactly makes Kelly tick. The naivety is still there as is her competitive streak, but Kelly comes across stronger than I remember her being.
    I look forward to "the McGill Years" and see where things go from here.


    Love, Lee

  2. Lee! You bought a book! Thank you so much. Yes, I would say that the book was about 40% rewritten from its IOSWHP days, tweaking some sections, rewriting others, deleting, and adding completely new chapters. That's why it took me so long to publish a book that was supposedly written already. Also, two editors got involved, one sweet and one not so sweet. But both helped a ton.

    And it's not just your memory going wrong! As Daisy said to me, "Uh, didn't something else happen on her birthday before?" Um, yes, but I cut that out because there was too much sex. It will all be in the complete DVD version ;)

  3. I thought I remembered something else on her birthday!! Glad to know I am not totally losing it.

    And is there a such thing as "too much sex"???

    1. Well, probably not for Kelly and Phil, but I had to make it seem like they talked sometimes.
      Also, I miss your daily comments so much! You kill me.

  4. Congrats on publishing your 3rd book! I look forward to checking it out. I don't remember a lot of IOSWHP so I might not notice too many changes. I think my fav part was when she was at hoceky camp with Jon. I have to say I won't mind if Jon isn't such a jerk in your new version and Kelly ends up with him instead:)

    1. Thanks AB! Nice to hear from you again. The hockey camp part is in Part Two, and I'm editing it as we speak. The story has changed a lot, for the better I think. The fact that you and 50% of the readership hated my ending was something I had noticed. ;)